Welcome to The Slightly Better Theatre Group! We are a theatre company dedicated to improving our lives and the world around us using fun, interactive exercises and games that embody what our ideal selves feel like. We share our stories with each other in a supportive, non-judgemental space where there are no mistakes, and everything is fuel for good theatre.

Contact Lauren if you would like to be part of an upcoming series on play for mental health.
“I’m Becoming My Mother!” – an improv workshop with Queen City Comedy, Saturday, May 8, 12-2 pm ET

Read Lauren Stein’s new book, Fun at Work: Play Your Way to Better Mental Health. Learn more here.

What does the Press say about Lauren?

“‘It’s this total freedom from our own inner critic, harsh voice and censorship,’ says Lauren Stein about how improv helps with well-being” – Guelph Today

Lauren talked improv in a changing business world and played scenes with radio DJs on CBC The Morning Edition – K-W with Craig Norris, Ontario Morning with Julianne Hazlewood (13 minutes in), Windsor Morning, and London Morning.

CBC Windsor Morning
CBC London Morning