Ritual Officiation

Whether it’s a life transition, healing from a dramatic experience, or seasonal changes, rituals can validate our experience and provide significance and well-being. As a Hebrew Priestess and licensed Officiant, I am here to help you create rituals and honour the special moments in your life. I facilitate one-of-a-kind experiences that you and your guests will remember and cherish.


▪ Weddings
▪ Moving
▪ Retirement
▪ Divorce Parties
▪ Empty Nest Ritual
▪ Gender Affirmations
▪ Coming out the Closet
▪ Healing from Trauma
… and so much more


Getting married is not something that only happens in one day. If you want not just a dream wedding, but a dream marriage, then you want the best support possible for your relationship. I work with couples to facilitate conversations about all the hard things: kids, sex, money, expectations, in-laws, power dynamics, and anything else that needs to be discussed.

Ritual Design

Perhaps what you want is to create a ritual that you can conduct yourself. Or maybe you want to think about regular rituals of self-care to do daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally. I can help you to identify the significant items, quotes, correspondences, and ritual pieces that will combine to make a personal and powerful experience.

Rituals can be a way to create community, to be witnessed in your significant events, to mark a new moment in your life, and to reconnect with yourself or with others. Rituals can hold your grief, joy, and new identity. Don’t let the opportunity to honour life’s importance pass you by.

All of these services are available virtually, as well as in person. Contact me@Laurentina.me to find out more.