Photo credit: Gili Getz

Lauren Stein is an actor, writer, and therapist who has been teaching improvisational theatre for over ten years, and performing for almost thirty. She has taught and performed in ten countries on four continents. She has a Bachelor’s in Drama from the University of Guelph, ATCL in Speech and Drama from Trinity Guildhall, and a Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy from the European Graduate School.

She has additional training in improvisational theatre from The Impatient Company of Toronto (now defunct), Artistic New Directions in New York, and has learned from some of the best, including Gary Austin (founder of The Groundlings in LA), Michael Gellman (who developed The Second City’s curriculum), and David Razowsky (who teaches improv as if it were Buddhism). She has trained in clowning with Patch Adams, Susan Parenti (who co-founded The School for Designing a Society), and Paola Coletto (one of only 40 Lecoq-trained and approved instructors).

She has written a book on the therapeutic benefits of improvisational theatre, created over three one-woman shows, and performed in Fringe Festivals in Toronto, Adelaide, Australia, and Dunedin, New Zealand. She has worked as a therapist and coach specializing in ADHD and Asperger’s in Guelph.

Lauren leads DNA Dude.tte.s, an international improv troupe of well-developed characters who discovered they were related via a DNA test. They now perform all over the world in a premise that re-creates your favourite TV shows. Watch them do Three’s Company for the InterCity Improv Festival, or The Wire for The Garden Party in the UK (starting 36 minutes in).