Counselling and Coaching

Are you experiencing mental suffering? Are you going through a life transition? Would you like some clarity, a new perspective, and emotional support along the way?

Lauren works with individuals and couples for counselling and coaching. With a Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy, and a specialization in Improv, you have the option of incorporating any and all art forms into working together. Lauren has worked for almost three years at the ADHD & Asperger’s Centre. She also specializes in the Trauma Processing Model to help people overcome self-sabotage and make new choices in their life, free of the subconscious effects of small-t and large-T trauma.



Expressive Arts Therapy

Life Coaching


Arts Mentorship

Tarot-Inspired Counselling

Curiosity Coaching

What is Curiosity Coaching?

You get to talk about anything you want to talk about. And then Lauren asks questions.

How can an attitude of curiosity shift something?

Perhaps there’s something in your life that you feel a certain way about. You could be feeling angry, stuck, confused, guilty, frustrated, or paralyzed, for example. But with Lauren’s attitude of curiosity, you could turn it around and around until you feel something else, such as curious, surprised, amused, relieved, humoured, or hopeful.

Perhaps there’s a problem in your life that you don’t know what to do about. Asking questions can help you to understand the problem better. Opening up to curiosity might bring an altogether different perspective on what to do about it. Could the problem be helped if you put on a different hat? Or changed locations? Or delegated it to a high school student looking for work?


  • Artists
  • LGBTQ+
  • Neurodiversity
  • Pagans
  • Performers
  • Spirituality
  • Trans Issues
  • Trauma


Located in Guelph, Ontario, during these interesting times, Lauren is available for sessions by phone and online video.


50 Minute Session – $150
80 Minute Session – $200

To book a session or a free 20-minute consultation, e-mail


Feedback from a couple who saw Lauren for counselling:

“My partner and I were so pleased to have 2 sessions with Lauren, in which we spoke about truly weighty issues. She helped us to feel heard by each other, and to discover that some of our most daunting issues were based on illusions, which were masquerading as truth. Lauren’s presence was respectful and unassuming, and her intuitions and observations were spot-on. She helped us to move through some challenging developments with greater ease than before. We recommend Lauren highly to couples who wish to address difficult issues in their relationships, and to anyone seeking greater insight into their own thought processes. Thank you, Lauren, for holding such good space for us.”

Feedback from an individual who saw Lauren for curiosity coaching:

“I didn’t know what to expect when I first had my Curiosity Coaching session with Lauren, but by the end of it, it gave me SO MUCH clarity about my situation and life. It was amazing. During the Curiosity Coaching, I was given the opportunity to explore any area of my life. Through the process, Lauren MASTERFULLY asks just the right questions to help give you clarity on what the issues are, what the possibilities are, and how you can use your situation to better your life. Lauren is MAGICAL at what she does and she is the perfect coach. By the end of my coaching session, I had an EXACT PLAN AND PATH to better my life and situation, and I had total clarity and confidence about what to do. If you’re curious about Curiosity Coaching and you’re considering working with Lauren, I would encourage you to DO IT. Lauren positively blew me away at how masterful and magical she is at what she does; You HAVE to experience it. Lauren is one-of-a-kind at what she does and anyone who gets to work with her will, in my opinion, greatly benefit and improve their situations and life. If you get the opportunity to work with Lauren, you are super lucky!”