Would you like to be a part of something greater?

The Slightly Better Theatre Group is the newest, most dynamic theatre company in Guelph. We use theatre as a tool for self-awareness, becoming fully present, creating community, and having fun. Our gatherings are the rehearsals for life. We don’t necessarily perform for an audience (though we could, if we choose to.)

Although everyone can benefit from being a part of The Slightly Better Theatre Group, it is not for everyone. We are specifically looking for people who are willing to step out of their comfort zones, desire deeper connections with people and themselves, are supportive of others, and are committed to the process. You are likely to gain confidence, enthusiasm for life, express your creativity and sense of humour, increase spontaneity and flexibility, and find more meaning. While this might help you become funnier or create opportunities for you to be in the spotlight, if your goal is only to increase your ego, this is not the right theatre group for you. If you are willing to take an honest look at yourself, and desire to improve any aspect of your life, then we might be a right fit.

The application process is just as much about you getting to know us as it is about us getting to know you.


Do you have questions? Would you like to be in the loop, even if you’re not ready to join at this time? Be in touch! E-mail LNAProductions@gmail.com