Laurentina’s Couch

Laurentina's Couch

What really goes on in people’s minds? Do you ever wonder what’s happening behind the hype and status updates?

Laurentina’s Couch is a combination of therapy, improv, authenticity, and community-building. After sharing some of her own entertaining woes, Laurentina will open her couch for anybody to talk about their problems, seek advice, or find out if anybody else is in the same boat. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn, and you’ll leave feeling at least slightly better.

Available for Hire

Laurentina can be brought in to lead her provocative show and a follow-up entertaining and honest dialogue to your congregation, conference, workplace, school, family gathering, or any group. In these interesting times, she is available to lead the show by online video.


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What people are saying about Laurentina’s Couch

Laurentina’s Couch is a unique experience that is both hilarious and reflective, entertaining and life-changing. It is a multi-genre mix of stand-up, meaningful conversation, and life lessons. Like a public view into couch conversations of an insightful therapist, the audience becomes the subject, volunteering to participate, to share what’s going on in their lives. There’s something very powerful about bringing the hidden private fears into the public domain. Sharing our inner world outside our own heads can start to shift something, break up old patterns. Laurentina leaves each volunteer with a new view, a different way to look at their stuck circumstance, and with action items they can take into their life. This is a rare combination of humour and depth that is not to be missed.

Mike Craig, Two Sisters River

Laurentina’s Couch is therapy with a fresh improv twist. Where most therapy is privately held and standardized, LC‘s brand of therapy is fun, dynamic, unrehearsed, and held by the  community of the audience present. Laurentina’s authenticity and disarming humour lull you to a place of honesty and surprising ease. It’s a truly unique way of talking about the challenges we all face as humans.

I got a lot of feelings of empathy from the show. Seeing people talk so openly about the vulnerable situations in their life really made me feel connected in ways I generally don’t. It takes courage to say those things in private but in public, on a stage, takes something truly beyond courage. I felt inspired.

I feel this new brand of improv therapy has something reminiscent of rituals attributed to past cultures. Cultures that understand that medicine is not only in a vial on your shelf but held communally by members of a tribe. This new form of therapy gave me a really interesting look into how people will grasp for new ways of ‘getting help’.


Tomas Greenberg